At Blessed Mother Teresa's we meet requirements of the new primary curriculum and have updated school schemes of work and resources to reflect the changes within the curriculum.


All children are taught in single year groups and the consideration of the needs of all learners are carefully planned for and assessed by teaching staff. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that engages pupils and equips them ready for the next stage of their learning. 

 Each class page will tell you about the curriculum being taught in each year group - pupil planners also have some very useful information about the curriculum and age expected learning.  

By clicking on the following link you can find out more about the National Curriculum from the Government website:


Teaching staff continually assess pupils daily during lessons, through marking of work and pupils discussions. The school has a marking policy which celebrates children's achievements and identifies next steps for learning. Summative assessments also takes place throughout the year, and this allows teaching staff to set learning targets.


Statutory Assessment

Early Years: Children are assessed using the Foundation Stage Profile on entry to the school and information is shared through the pupils learning journeys with parents.
Key Stage One and Two Statutory tests (S.A.T.s) take place at the end of year two and six. Parents are informed of their child’s results as soon as possible in their end of year report.

Year One children also undertake the phonics screening test towards the end of the year, and results are provided for parents.  

We have two formal parents evening a year to share pupils work, discuss progress against age expectations and provide targets and suggestions for home support. At the end of each year parents receive a written report on the progress and achievements of their children. 

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