Home School Link Worker

Mr Angelo Fantauzzo- Home School Link Worker


My role in school is to......

  • Offer pupils support in school.
  • Support parents, carers and families
  • Be a family link to school and other agency support.
  • Promote good attendance and punctuality.
  • Promote positive behaviour.
  • Improve outcomes for pupils.

My role will provide......

  • One to one pupil support.
  • Group support work with peers or siblings.
  • Parent support work.
  • Family support work.
  • A link to other agencies.
  • A contact point for parents.

Who can I help?

  • Pupils, parents and families need support at different times and for many different reasons so please do make contact.

Here are a few examples of when I might be able to help......

  • Parents who would like help and advice filling in forms (admission to school, free school meals, housing benefits, substance misuse, domestic violence, social services etc)
  • Pupils who are experiencing difficulties in their lives- bereavement, separation, illness, friendship difficulties, problems with homework.
  • Parents and carers who would like help with managing their child's behaviour.

You can make contact with me.....

  • On the school gate
  • Via the school office
  • Telephone- 01785 356405
  • Email- office@blessedmotherteresas.staffs.sch.uk