Year of Mercy

Did you know?

Pope Francis announced an important year, a year dedicated to thinking about God's mercy.

When did this happen?

The Pope declared that the year would begin on the 8 December 2015 for a whole year.

Why the 8 December?

That is the special feast day for Mary the mother of God.

What is mercy?

Mercy means forgiveness towards someone, Jesus showed great acts of forgiveness towards many people. We can read many different stories from the New Testament to be reminded of God's forgiveness. 

So mercy really is forgiveness! 

What does it mean for us?

Pope Francis wants us to remember that God forgives us and asks that we forgive others, so we need to show people acts of kindness by forgiving them and praying for them. Remember how we are asked to live out the Beatitudes in our own daily lives.

What will happen?

We are invited to go to make a special journey (a pilgrimage) to church to go to confession (reconciliation) and to receive God's forgiveness - we are all invited to walk through the door of mercy.

In school what will happen?

All our prayer tables will have a door symbol reminding us that we are in the year of mercy, we will learn a special year of mercy prayer, we will have a door or mercy and over the year journey it through it for special forgiveness liturgies.

Each class will be learning about God's mercy and of course the most important thing is we will be working hard to show each other forgiveness everyday


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