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The Hair Shop Naked 6 Clip-In Set 

Based on the number of times it came up among our experts, The Hair Shop is clearly a top-trusted brand among stylists. “They have such a variety,” says stylist Joseph Maine.The Hair Shop’s Naked clip-ins, which have a silicone weft. “It’s essentially like a piece of rubber that all the hair is stuck together on; it’s super strong, but most importantly it completely flat,” Maine explains. 

clip in hair extensionsClip-In Extensions 

An extension specialist at top salon, loves  hair for a few reasons. Chief among them being the fact that the hair is single-donor. “That means that all the hair comes from one person, who is revolutionary,” she says. Since the strands all come from a single head of hair, the cuticle is all aligned in the same direction,” which makes it look ultra realistic. The reason why the cuticle pattern is so important is because, if you have hair that’s going in two different directions, you’ll get knotting and matting. 

Glam Seamless Clip-In Extensions 

An even more modern upgrade to the silicone-weft extensions are what’s called skin-weft extensions. And the difference between the two is “how noticeable they are when the hair moves,” says Priano. 

Clip-In Extensions 

They are the “only consumer brand offering 30-inch clip-in extensions,” according to Maine. Maine adds:If I’m doing a bridal trial, or if I’m on set, or my client forgets their hair extensions, or I don’t have the right color, we can get them basically on demand.” 

Remy Brazilian Clip in Hair Extensions 

Amazon also sell these extensions and they meet our People’s Choice best-rated standards. Nearly a third of reviewers give these clip-ins top marks for how well they blend in with their own hair. 

clip in hair extensionsTrue Indian Hair Clips 

Juanita Townsend, an Emmy award-winning hairstylist for Good Morning America, loves True Indian Hair for those with thicker hair.  She particularly likes them for their range of hair textures: “From straight to wavy to curly to kinky,” she says. 

House of European Hair 

Ricky Kening, who founded the iconic NYC beauty supply store Ricky’s European locks tend to be thinner than Indian or Brazilian, making it a better match for the more fine-haired among us. Indian and Brazilian hair is also naturally dark, and therefore requires lots of processing to get to blonde, which is why House of European Hair is also a good option for users with lighter hair ( involve less processing in their blonde color range). 

Balmain Hair dress 

If you think no amount of teasing would get a clip-in extension to stay put in your hair(if, for instance, your hair is exceptionally thin), hair extension clip recommends an extension with no clip at all: a hair extension. Instead of a weft, the hair is attached to a durable, elastic string, which hair extension clip says is “almost like a headband.