Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

People have used dry shampoos for hundreds of years, and they can keep their hair fresh and clean without shampooing. But, did you know this seemingly innocuous beauty finesse could result in hair loss?

Benefits of dry shampoo 

Dry Shampoo

The Dry Shampoo of today, which is typically made from corn or rice starch, is used to rid your hair of oil, detritus, and odor without using aquatic. The most popular dry shampoos use an aerosol spray to make them easy to apply quickly, which is why many people choose to shorten their shampoo time.

The downside of dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

However, dry shampoos cannot replace conventional shampoos, and excessive use may cause hair loss and inhibit hair growth. When used several times a week, the ingredients in the dry shampoo will accumulate on the hair follicles. This build-up weakens the follicle and may reason inflammation, which can also augment hair shedding. Another disadvantage of dry shampoos is that the powder they contain causes the hair follicles to stick together, so when a normal hair falls out, it may require multiple strands of excess ingredients.

Proper use of dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Still, entice to reach for your dry shampoo? Although they do have the advantages of water-saving, convenience, and retention of hair color, please keep in mind that experts have different views on how much is too much. For people with normal hair and healthy hair, occasional use is most likely. Your best option is to use shampoo only once or twice a week and wash your hair regularly. However, if you are already dealing with thinning hair, it is best to skip dry hair shampoo altogether.

Shampoo regularly

Dry ShampooShampooing regularly is essential to the healthfulness of your hair inasmuch as leaving oil, dead skin cells, and perspiration on your scalp can negatively impact your hair follicles. Instead of using shampoo, which can cause hair breakage and thinning, make your hair frothy every day or every other day to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

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