10 Tips To Get Healthy Hair Today

Get Healthy HairWhat do we want? Healthy hair. When do we want it? just now! more information about fusion in human hair extensions

There are many issues and factors to consider when maintaining shiny hair, some of which may be a long-term solution to obtain healthy hair. However, in a fast-changing world, we know that waiting 2-3 months to see the fruits of your labor seems to be a lifetime, so we created a list of 10 things you can do to achieve the hair of your dreams today.

High-gloss, thick elastic hair has always been the goal pursued by many girls, but maintaining healthy hair is sometimes much larger than it is! Use oil or not? Wash every day or several times a week? Please follow the instructions below for all getting started tips on how to get healthy hair.

1. Please make an appointment with the stylist

Although some people are reluctant to cut their hair, this is one of the best steps to keep their hair healthy! Regular pruning will remove the hair texture and help improve the look and feel of the hair. And reduce damage. If you are a phobia, remember that trimming is not necessarily necessary. The standard to follow is to trim the hair from half an inch to one inch every 2 to 3 months to keep the hair looking fresh. If you encounter a hairstylist cutting too much (everyone will happen!), Hair extensions can always be your backing.

2. Put down the comb

Get Healthy HairThe old wife’s story always tells us that combing the comb 100 times a day will make the hair shiny and healthy, but it is still far from the truth. Excessive brushing of hair will have the opposite effect and cause damage and split ends. We recommend lowering the hairbrush as soon as possible and using it as little as possible, as excessive pulling will make the hair rough due to pulling and dragging.

3. Postpone color processing

We can try to use new colors and styles (for example, hair color and gradient color) to attract people, but we recommend using bleach and colorants cautious about making the hair shiny and healthy. For some people, cutting off the dye altogether may not be an option, but if you want to change the appearance, choose a dark color or shiny hair that does not require bleaching. Better yet, pick a style that requires little maintenance, and a lot of moisturizing treatment between colors to keep hair healthy.

4. Go to the health food store

The vitamins and nutrients put into the body are directly related to the appearance of hair. If your hair lacks life or looks dull, it may be because your body requires specific vitamins. Fish oil, zinc, iron, and multivitamins B, C, and D can bring benefits to your hair, the main vitamins. Please plan your trip to the local health food store as soon as possible!

5. Now pour yourself a glass of water, yes!

Get Healthy Hair

Drinking enough water is the key to your overall health, but it is also directly related to your skin and hair. Plants need water to grow, as does hair. Water accounts for almost 25% of the weight of a single hair. Therefore, it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water every day to keep the hair strong, healthy, and hydrated.

6. Make a meal rich in protein for yourself

The anatomy of your hair is made of protein fibers, which means it needs a certain protein to grow. If you have insufficient protein in your diet, your body will quantify the available protein and cut off the hair follicles. Result? Your hair may become dry and brittle. Today, we must consciously eat a protein-packed meal, whether lean meat, dairy products, eggs, or even protein shakes!

7. Buy silk pillowcase

Get Healthy HairAnother common irritant is pillowcase material. You are troubled by the bedside or frizz in the morning; we recommend replacing the cotton pillowcase and stop buying silk pillowcases immediately. When you sleep, the smooth texture of silk allows hair to flow freely, reducing frizz and tangles.

8. Try lifeless hairstyles

An intense heat setting is one of the main reasons for hair damage and dryness. Try to reduce the amount of heat used in hair routines to keep the hair in its best appearance. We recommend choosing heat-free curly hair today, let the hair natural or styling in ponytails or braids make the hair breathe.

9. Use heat protectant after shower

If you decide to choose heating today, it is essential to use heat-protectant sprays in advance, preferably naturally. Will form a barrier between the heat and the hair, thereby protecting and reducing the damage caused.

10. Check if the shampoo does not contain sulfate

It is essential to pay attention to the ingredients and chemicals used in hair, especially when cleaning products such as shampoos. Many pharmacy brand shampoos may contain sulfate in their products, making the shampoo both good and lathering. The cause of blistering is that these sulfates can strip natural oils from the hair, resulting in dry, fragile hair. Check the ingredients in the shampoo carefully and avoid using sulfate products to make your hair healthy and brightest.

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