Have Rapunzel like hair in low budget with hair extensions

hair extensionsCelebrity and their extensions 

The industry is a world of glam where each celebrity has a different style and aura. But have you ever had this question in your minds that where do these celebrities get these different looks and more importantly hairstyles from? Well I have the answer. They use hair extensions. Yes you heard it right they do use extensions. And look new as ever by changing their extensions. 

hair extensionsHow can the middle class women afford extensions 

So as a child I have always been fascinated by the story of rapunzel. I have been obsessed with her long bhairs and often have dreamt of having them too. But lets be practical guys its 2020 and we neither have time nor enough money to take care of our hair. Let alone elongate them. But micro hair extensions have a quick and cheap solution to your problem . During my noob days I avoided this method because I thought that the cost of micro ring extensions would be very high. But in reality I was shocked to see that they were actually cheaper than the other hair elongating methods. 

What does its cost depend on? 

Call me old fashioned or a boomer but I like to know whether the deal I get for my money is actually worth it or not. So I have visited every store which had a poster of ‘micro ring hair extensions for sale’. And now that bi have become a master in this area I have certain tips for you ladies on what factors does their cost depend on. 


Your hair color and type 

One of the most important things to keep in  mind while going for the search of your hair extension is your hair color. Try to find the nearest color that matches your own hair. Remember ladies color blending is the key to perfectly natural looking hair extensions. Also keep in mind your hair type. So that the texture of your hair matches the texture of the hair extensions 

The two types of hair extensions     

hair extensionsThey are basically of two kinds. Synthetic micro ring hair extensions and real micro ring hair extensions. These two are very different from one another. The synthetic one or artificial one is cheaper but is of a low quality too. When placed with your real hair they give out a demarcating look and you can easily differentiate between the two. They have a very artificial and rough texture. On the other hand the real one ( as the name suggests ) is safer and real like. They can make your hair look bushier and longer quite gracefully. They are obviously a little more expensive but they give you a better look. 

 Choose what suits you 

Popular beliefs are that any extension can work on you but advice you to choose the one that suits you the best. 



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