Weft hair extensions wholesale buying guide

  So, you don’t want short hair but for some reason, your hair doesn’t grow any more now? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you, use hair extensions. These are a great way to enhance your hair volume and length in a few hours. And you are ready with these extensions without struggling in growing your hair using chemicals or natural remedies. However, when you search on stores you will get a plethora of options. All of those options might confuse you that’s we have come with a suggestion. Try weft hair extensions. Check out the weft hair extensions wholesale suppliers near you.      

Further, in the article, we will explain to you some tips for buying them so that you don’t pay more than the right weft hair extensions cost. 

Weft hair extensions buying tips 

Temporary or permanent 

You should decide how to use them and depending upon that you can choose from temporary and permanent options. This will depend on your budget as well as some weft hair extensions cost more. However, all the options are temporary but permanent options work for more than weeks. Temporary extensions are for good for special events or you can even use them daily. Luckily, they take only 10 minutes to attach and good for everyday usage. 

On the other hand, permanent extensions don’t require removal at night and you can sleep with them. There are some methods to fix them which make them permanent. Also, good care of the extensions will make them work for 2 months or longer. So, find a good weft hair extension wholesale supplier and use them either temporary or permanent. 

Installation methods 

Moreover, there are different methods to install them. Cold fusion method or hot fusion method results in the proper installation of hair. However, weft hair extensions can be installed using a cold fusion method of installation. It is because they don’t come with a mechanism to secure them on your scalp. So, your stylist will do it by customizing the attachment methods. As a result, the installation time will increase depending upon the method he uses such as sewing, using clips, or gluing. 

Luckily, you can save the weft hair extension cost of installation by doing it at home. 

Hair texture 

The natural hair texture will decide what kind of texture you should be looking for. However, you should get the right texture to blend it naturally with your hair. So, check your hair texture first. Are they straight, wavy or curly? 


Luckily, you can ask for the desired length from the weft hair extensions wholesale supplier. You can ask for body wave length, curly hair length, shorter or longer. Furthermore, those who have shorter hair can buy 14 inches weft extensions. On the other hand, those with longer hair can buy extensions of 24 inches. 


Moreover, you should also think of weight as the weight category is also specified at the stores. Luckily, wefts are lightweight and buying only 2 wefts of 100 grams is enough to cover your head. 

Besides these, you should also think of the right color before buying from weft hair extensions wholesale dealer. 


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